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Here's what our customers have to say about our scarves.

Just love the beautiful Italian made silk scarves that arrived so promptly from Lorenzo Vittani. Great personal service sets this online shopping experience apart from others.

Denise, Qld


I am 100% happy with the ones that I have bought and would recommend them to others.

 Phoebe, UK

They are the best scarves to wear. Made out of beautiful fabric.
 Rose, Vic

It’s great when they can be worn on different corners for different outfits – really like getting four scarves for the price of one.
 Jo, NZ

Best scarves - only brand I will buy. 😀 
Ebony, NZ

Bravo ! Felicitation pour Les Designs recherchés et exclusifs . Une qualité de de soie européenne irrreprochable . Je recommande de completer votre tenue avec un foulard Lorenzo Vittani .

 Mathy, France

Wonderful designs, beautiful colour combinations and excellent quality. Please keep on with your great designs. Congratulations on the best scarves available.
 Gwen, NSW

The quality far exceeds any other silk scarf I have in my collection! I love the fact that they rarely need ironing, if stored flat or on a hanger.
 Melissa, Qld

Excellent quality .... I love the silk .... I am a LV fan! 😀
 Pamela, UK is the loveliest silk fabric, not too thick or too thin, with beautiful designs and colour combinations.
 Johanna, Denmark

I absolutely love them! Have got a few already and always enjoy wearing them
 Cindy, UK

Love how so many of the corners are different, as I wear mine on all four corners.
 Becky, NSW

These are the nicest scarves I have ever worn. They last a long time without losing their shape. One scarf can be worn with multiple outfits.
 Marg, NSW

Very good quality, and great value for money. Also love how the designs are so unique and vibrant, making them a versatile wardrobe staple.
 Georgia, NSW

I like the designs, they are beautiful scarves, and the colours are fantastic.
 Heather, ACT

Very very nice scarves. Lovely designs. I like the bright colours and wacky designs, and the way that they are different on each corner.
 Zoe, UK

They're great, lots of variety for all different personalities.
 Carol, ACT

Beautiful unique styles. Love them...! So much thought and creativity put into them.
 Ali, Qld

Awesome range of different scarves. Excellent quality & great prices.
 Claudia, NZ

I think your scarves are beautiful. Designs are exquisite & all so different. Lovely to tie & wear.
 Anne, Vic

We love the colour combinations in your scarves, and they're great as they're able to be worn with more than one outfit!
 Julianne, NZ

Beautiful, fashionable and every taste is catered for.
 Esther, NSW

I have been really pleased with the scarves I have bought. I think there is a good selection to choose from and the designs are good.
 Suzette, ACT

Wish I could buy heaps, there are so many beautiful ones! Hard to just buy what I need when I look through the ones available.
 Ruth, NZ

The scarves are good value for money and the range is always interesting. Keep up the good work!
 Wendy, Qld

I love your scarves. They are beautiful and classy. First choice every time if I can find something that matches.
 Trina, Vic

Beautiful designs, quality fabric, versatile. Well done on such a great quality product!
 Jenny, NSW

I think the scarves are great value for money and you always have one to suit what I am looking for.
 Janelle, NSW

The scarves are good value for money, as they look classy and wear well.
 Bronwyn, WA

Love them - the silk quality is second to none and they always tie beautifully.
 Gillian, UK

They are truly beautiful and very good value for money as you can generally wear with multiple outfits. They wear very well too, the silk is of such good quality. 
 Donna, NZ